conversations about Insurance

conversations about Insurance Bravery (2024)

conversations about Insurance

conversations about Insurance
I have over soo prospect List Please suggest howto open up a conversation with them on insurance first of all a lot of us have what we call this lists right so all of us when we joined this business we were told to write down a list of people that I want to talk to et cetera your first step is to learn to meet up with People rubuild those connections so it comes down o what is the level of connection you have with these prospects when you sit down with them share with them Course Studies right so don’t try to sell, phem something share with them case studies on how other people are doing financial Planning how

conversations about Insurance

conversations about Insurance
conversations about Insurance

Other people care using insurance as a tool for Protection insurance as a tool 700 creating a growth fond How insurance is investment etu so being sed 700 share with them whet are. the reasons why people buy insurance and how other families have done it and see if it connects with them Because when you share a case sholy People will either agree with you ar
disagree with you for example I keep live. People telling me this that I don’t want to leave money oo my chiblren I did a survey right

I was sitting in a session and there livere 400 people in that session And I, send how many of you want to leave nothing for your childben? And not a single person zalived up their hand
what does that mean? Thart is basically a
Psychological thing I don’t want to make my
children spoilt I want them to understand the
value of money that’s what they’re trying to

conversations about Insurance
conversations about Insurance

Cay They’re not toying to say I don’t want to
leave money for my kids what they’re trying
to Sovy
I want to teach my childrenthe value of money so whatadvice would you

give to a ramily like that? instead of giving
your children tomp soms why don’t you leave conversations about Insurance
then an income stream? so think about this
wher I joined this business everyone spoke
about asset accumulation, asset preservation, conversations about Insurance
asset distribution which is a financial concept.

it’s not a Financial Planning concept Asset
accumulation asset preservation Aset
distribution is n Financial concept A
financial planning concept is about income.
accumulation All of us want more and mare
ancome so it’s about income accumulation

accumulationg more quel more income it’, {
about income preservation making sure
you don’t lose that income there’s only
one product in the woold that profeet
your future income one that is life insurance
There’s only
in the world that Protect  your future income due to illness and that is a critical Illness produt or disability Product And there’s only one Product in the future that protects your income in  conversations about Insurancecause you. become old and that is a retirement Plan it’s as simple as that so it’s about income preservation and then it’s about income distribution think abat it what do yo • want to give your children? Do you want to give them assets cro do you nemt to give them an income stream? And there’s one thing conversations about Insurance conversations about Insurance

I have learned Every family loves to leave an income stream 700 their children rather. than giving them cassets Because it they love them assets. and the children wore the asset the income from the asset also disappears so instead of distribution assets think about distributing income it will be more sustainable it’s conger Lesting and hopefully it the kids ove smoat they wil multiply that income But if they’re damb they in conserme that conversations about Insurance

income in both ways they are still your children amed you need to protect them. and some of you might not know me Now I dam want to share with you you something that’ very important- The 4 Rules of thumb Nombest lite insurance, a product that a lot of people buy. The right amount of how much life insurance you should buy the rule of thumb in to timer of annual income it you’re looking at protecting you Income which is what we call • income Protection on coifical illness, the rule of thumb Pi conversations about Insurance

five times of your annual income it you are saving money wo your retirement it’s approximately au percent of  07 whatever you exon And if you’re Saving money 200 your kid’s education its approximately 5 procent 07 whatever you earn Now once you understood this oule et thumb I nud nud you alo understand that age Plays an important folk when it comes to sales 50 20 40 60 80 which. age you be at will affect the product choice that you have My 28000 presentation novelles this past But arthe one part

that er lot of people don’t realize is As client’s income. chenges your case size increases And as your case size increases it is only still based on the same formular. So for example it a client is earning $10,000 in a month In a year they are exaning $ 120.000 Then ten times of that is $ 1.2 million And that is your case size Now, it their income increase foom $10,000 10 $20,000 The Formula doesn’t change it’s still to times of annual income so as the income charger the case size changes However it you want to cross sell Produk right?! The only way to do that is when they have a change in their Family Status 70s example they get married they have children so when they. have childreng it makes sense 700 them to look at education

Planning so the change in Jamily affect your product Chave. The change mincome only effects the amant of cal coverage that they’re locking at buying it you understand. this part, it allows you to know whether you should upsell Cross sellus start casking recommendations so this is the upell, Coosised and recommendation strategy or maximizing your Case size of you Strategy Now I have recorded a presentation for May 2006 want acopy of the presentation that! am using with my chestswith my clients

conversations about Insurance
conversations about Insurance

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